Intuition: Sensing and Using Energy

We receive thousands of bits of information from the external world in a matter of seconds through all our senses. But sometimes we have a sixth sense about energies, our intuition.

We all have gut responses, insights, or energetic reads of people, but what can we do with it? How is having this sixth sense of empathing or having intuition helpful for us humans?

This sixth sense is the central intelligence or unconscious self, running all systems and storing and organizing information. It picks up on the body language of others and helps us discern peril from pleasure. It essentially is our survival sense. Its base function is to keep us alive and help us decide if we should fight, run, or stay.

We receive thousands of bits of information from the external world in a matter of seconds through visual, auditory, kinesthetic, olfactory, and gustatory modes. In these few seconds our body is filtering and assessing what to do with the information.

When we empath, or sense energy coming through, it is a signal that we need to be on heightened awareness and focus. It’s time to pay very close conscious attention to the person or situation. We need to be even more present at this time and keep awareness to how the energy moves.

In many cases when I’m working with students or clients and have my hands on their bodies, I can see their thoughts, emotions, and past memories. This information lends an opportunity to assist the person who came to me for help. I often then ask questions to further understand if what I’ve just picked up is accurate. It becomes a tantalizing conversation between us about what this information means to them and how to address it.

Then there are other times I feel some other pulse of insight come through, like thinking about someone right before they call. Or when a loved one in another state is communicating telepathically, feeling a sense of “something is amiss” or that something great is about to happen. These are personal examples. What are yours?

How to use energy:

  • As internal GPS on which direction to take in life.
  • As a filter for discerning other people’s energy and your own.
  • As a divining rod toward truth; let it take you deeper and closer to getting to know self and spirit, so as to let go of the values, beliefs, and rules that are right for others. Listen to you for self-governance.
  • To ease tension around the heart, let go of survival needs, and stay present with the beauty around.
  • As a forecaster for your future projects or works of art. This is the ignition of creation.
  • Use the colors you see as they relate to chakras, spiral dynamics, or organisms, to help comprehend their many meanings.
  • Use the positive internal voice as a way to encourage, affirm, and relate to others. Life conditions can cloud present and future happiness. Listen intently for all signals of good coming through you. Write these down and condition yourself to be responsive to these, especially if you tend to be responsive or reactive to concerns.

Becoming a trained sensor is about remaining open to the external world and the internal world, for it is a two-way street. What we think creates actions and behaviors, and what we sense outside ourselves influences our psychology. The energetic ranges can be explored when one is open enough to trust that something greater than intelligence exists.

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