Kettlebells From CFF: A Good Addition to Your Collection

These kettlebells have a nice finish and are high-quality but still affordable.

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With the mainstreaming of kettlebell training comes the ability for all of us to shop around for equipment based on our needs and budget.

It wasn’t that way years ago. (Who remembers the old “adjustable” kettlebells filled with shot?) But, of course, with kettlebells becoming an opportunity to make money, comes some cheap and nasty bells, too.

Not the case with the CFF Fit K2 series of kettlebells. If you’re shopping for your first bell or another addition to your collection, consider adding this one to your list of options to check out.


  • Available in sizes ranging from 4-32kg (9-71lb)
  • Weights are guaranteed to be accurate within +/-.05%
  • Powder coated finish to prevent chipping
  • Single mold casting
  • Warrantied for as long as you own it

The Handle and the Grip

The handle of the bell is an obvious sticking point (no pun intended) when it comes to purchasing a new kettlebell. Anyone who’s used a few different brands knows how horrible it turns out when you use one with an obvious seam in the handle.

“The bottom of the kettlebell was also stable and flat, so resting it on the ground easily and safely was never a problem between movements or sets.”

The handles of the CFF K2 bells are quite smooth, but not so smooth that you can’t get a grip. They feel textured, but not rough. And, due to the single mold casting, there are no seams or bumps that will catch your flesh and make you sad after a few rounds or intervals. According to the CFF site, the bells go through a series of grinding and finishing steps that result in the smooth and comfortable handle.

The size of the handle is also quite comfortable. While almost any kettlebell will easily accommodate single-hand movements, larger people find two-handed movements awkward when the handle isn’t wide enough. I had no issues with any movements I did with this bell, but I typically don’t on any kettlebell.

My husband is almost a foot taller than me and has much larger hands. When doing two-hand movements, he had to let his pinkies hang out, as he does on all kettlebells. But he said that the CFF bell handle did not chafe on the sides of his ring fingers like almost every other kettlebell he’s used. So, he gave it bonus points for that.

Our Experience

My husband and I used this bell for both grinds and ballistics. Mainly him for ballistics and me for grinds, given the size of the bell we tested. It worked well for both and felt well balanced.

The bottom of the kettlebell was also stable and flat, so resting it on the ground easily and safely was never a problem between movements or sets. It does not have the screw-on bottom plate that some brands have, just a flat, finished bottom.

Pricing and Discounts

As always, shipping becomes another decision point when it comes to kettlebell purchases. Since I was sent this bell to test and review, I did not pay shipping for it. When investigating costs on the CFF website, shipping of a 24kg bell to Los Angeles ranged anywhere from $26.59 to $148.96 depending on the desired arrival time.

When I input two 24kg kettlebells into the shipping estimator, it double the prices. So there appears to be no discount for ordering multiple items.

According to the Discounts page on the CFF website, there are 10% discounts available to all law enforcement, military, firefighters, first responders, and personal trainers. Gyms, CrossFit boxes, MMA studios, schools, and hotels may apply for a 15% discount.

My Conclusion

While shipping is almost always going to sting when it comes to kettlebell purchases, the quality and the price of the bell itself are the other major factors to consider. The prices for the CFF K2 kettlebells are all quite reasonable, and we have used our bell for a couple months now with no quality issues arising at all.

If you are looking for an alternative to the big-name kettlebells and the cheap, hand-ripping kettlebells, the CFF K2 might be something for you to investigate.

CFF K2 Kettlebells are available for $11.95-89.95 at

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