Mature Athlete: Cycle 1, Week 4, Day 2

The first cycle of the Mature Athlete workouts by Tom Kelso. Train progressively using basic exercises and training protocols to safely enhance fitness and strength.

This program is designed for older adults with prior training experience who seek a new option for general improvements in fitness and strength. It is divided into two training cycles: weeks 1 to 6 and weeks 7 to 12.

Train three non-consecutive days per week (i.e., M-W-F, Tu-Th-Sn, or whatever fits your shedule), alternating a body-weight strength and endurance circuit with a low-impact conditioning workout performed on a stair-climber, elliptical machine, stationary bicycle, or other device. Here’s a chart of what the weekly training schedule will look like:

The goal of the body-weight strength and endurance circuits is to complete them in the least amount of time. When repeating the same workout (#1, #2, or #3), attempt to do it in less time than the previous attempt.

Workout – Body Weight Strength & Endurance Circuit #3

Step-back lunges x 10 each leg

Air punches x 200 each arm

High bar (x 8) or low bar (x 12) pull ups

Jack knife abs x 10 each leg

Sumo squats x 25

Dive-bomber push ups x 10

Jump rope x 200 rotations

Bear crawl x 50 yards/150 feet

(repeat for a total of 4 rounds)

Important Points to Remember:

  • Journal all your workouts. You can download the following file to track your progress: Strength Training Log
  • Warm up and cool down for each workout.
  • Rest and recover. On off-days, consider walking or easy running on a treadmill as options, but let your body recover from the previous workout. As an older and experienced trainee, your body needs more time to heal and adapt because you have been grinding and grinding for years. If in doubt, take an extra rest day.

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