Mature Athlete: Cycle 5, Week 5, Day 1

The fifth cycle of Mature Athlete workouts gets back to the basics – strength and conditioning combined with your favorite athletic activity.

The fifth 12-week cycle of Mature Athlete workouts gets back to the basics. A combination of strength training, conditioning, and an activity of your choice is scheduled over three non-consecutive training days per week. This will assure quality work and adequate recovery time between workouts.

The workouts are posted on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, but you can choose three nonconsecutive days that best fit your schedule. Whatever option you choose, allow a complete rest day between the first two workouts and two rest days following the third workout. The workout rotation over the first six weeks will be as follows:

Repeat Days 1 through 5 over the remaining weeks on the three non-consecutive training days. Use the training forms to track your workouts. With hard work, this simple plan will work. As an older trainee, it is critical you still work as hard as you can, but with minimal volume and adequate rest days to see results and also avoid overtraining injuries.

The strength training protocols are relative: higher repetitions/lighter resistances = fewer exercises, and lower repetitions/heavier resistances = more exercises. Also, the inclusion of conditioning activities and your recreational pursuits are also scheduled appropriately in conjunction with the strength training so you obtain reasonable overload stresses with proper recovery time.

Remember: train hard but train safely.

Week 5, Day 1

A. Total-Body Strength Training – 5×35 Workout

Strength training forms are available for download here.

Perform 35 reps of each exercise:

  • Pull (Wide grip pulldown, close grip pulldown, one arm row, bent over row)
  • Push (Chest press, overhead press, incline press, decline press/dips)
  • Multi-joint Leg (Squat, deadlift, leg press)
  • Hamstring (Glute/Ham raise, Romanian deadlift, leg curl machine)
  • Exercise of your choice (Burpees, lunges, push ups, or abs)

B. Conditioning

35 minutes of running, jogging, or work on another cardio machine.

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