Mature Athlete: Cycle 6, Week 11, Day 2

The sixth cycle of Mature Athlete workouts is a unique combination of endurance and strength training challenges.

The sixth 12-week cycle is unique. It is divided into two 6-week segments. Each segment has three training days with a different theme each day. You have your choice of exercises and activities based on the designated training calendar.

The three training days per week should ideally be non-consecutive, such as Monday-Wednesday- Friday or Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday. Here’s what the calendar looks like for the last six weeks:

Week 11, Day 2: Short Endurance

Choose four events:

  • 5:00 warm up, then :30 hard effort/:30 easy effort for 15 reps on a stationary bicycle, treadmill, elliptical trainer, or other device.
  • On a basketball court (or other area), run the length of the court (30 yards) and back for 20 reps with a :45 rest between each.
  • On a soccer field (or other area), run from the end line to mid-field (approximately 60 yards) and back for 10 reps with a 1:40 rest between each.

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