New Year’s Resolutions For Weightlifters

If I could make resolutions for weightlifters, retired lifters, prospective lifters, coaches, and more, here’s what they would be. What would the weightlifting world look like if these happened?

Well, I did a fantasy Christmas gift list for weightlifters a couple of weeks ago, so now I better come out with a list of New Year’s Resolutions. This is intended for weightlifters in particular and other barbell users in general. And like the Christmas list, and most other resolutions, it will probably be mostly fantasy as well.

For better or worse here is what I would like our Iron Family resolve to do in 2013:

Elite Lifters– To start their new cycles this post-Olympic year when there are the least number of other big meets to peak for. Work on technique that had to be neglected in the rush to qualify last year. Try a new routine. You have some time.

Lesser Lifters– To move up the ranks or strength classes or however your country classifies lifters by skill. Also to try to find their ideal bodyweight categories in order the get the best return on investment.

Those Who Don’t Even Know They Are Lifters Yet– To learn more about the fast lifts and what they can do for you in regard to strength, power, and coordination for your sport. Go to the seminars, coaching clinics, or just visit a gym and ask a few questions.

Retired Lifters– To realize weightlifting doesn’t end at 25, 30, or 40. Dig out that old belt and your boots and join the Masters movement. Compare an old lifter to an old couch potato. Who still looks ten or fifteen years younger? Who still feels it? Resolve to get involved in the activity that once meant so much to you, that once was your whole existence. Give back a little. Start coaching and/or officiating. Go back to your old club and volunteer with coaching, running meets, raising funds. They would love to see you back.

Masters Lifters– To also realize that Masters lifting, as fun as it is, is not the whole thing. Get out and help the younger lifters. Remember how much you would have wanted an old pro to take an interest in you. Go visit you old coach or mentor in his retirement and talk about what he meant to you.

Women– To forget about “toning up” and start thinking about getting in real shape. That shape can include some muscle too, you know. Forget those old myths about women and lifting. They are not so much myths anymore. They are now just lame excuses.

Juniors– You can hang out in malls all your life. Resolve to get in shape and hit a gym. That will take some time out of your day, but be more concerned about what it will put into your life.

National Presidents– To see the broader picture, not just your own backyard. Also to work with the universities in establishing national student championships if they don’t exist already.

Boards of Directors– To realize the function of boards is to formulate broad policy, not to act as coaching committees. They also should strive to get a broader focus.

Olympic Lifting Coaches– To realize they now have competition and must work to maintain their quick lift expertise. If not, research-oriented CrossFitters and academic and professional sport trainers and researchers will eat their lunch in time.

University Athletic Directors– To finally recognize Olympic weightlifting as a sport, not just a training method (fine as that is). The World University Games now has weightlifting as one of its sports. That means that every school should have a quality lifting facility and quality athletes so that they may send someone to the Games. Those medals can go to your country and school if you want.

Alumnae– That gives me an idea. Alumnae should resolve to donate equipment and even coaching expertise to help this along. It’s only more glory for Alma Mater.

new year's resolution, making resolutions, keys to resolutions, resolutionsBodybuilders– To get back to the original idea of health, through training, diet, and a healthy lifestyle.

Powerlifting Federations– To get back to weight training basics, to burn the shirts and suits and to merge.

Fitness Center Members– To complete workouts by returning weights to racks and other gym etiquette. Is anything more irritating than these Kings (and Queens) of Sheba who think that is re-racking is someone else’s job?

Football Players– To realize bodybuilding exercises for the upper body are not football exercises. They call it football for a reason. Get those legs up to par. Its going to hurt a bit, but you guys are used to that, right?

All Coaches, Athletes and Officials, Whether Olympic, Power, Strongman, CrossFit, Rehab or Sport Training– Forget your differences and concentrate on what we have in common. Cooperate in research, help stamp out old myths and prejudices, help weight training and weightlifting get ever more accepted as a legitimate field of study in the universities.

Everyone– To quit making excuses and get to the gym. And I don’t care what kind of gym as long as we are all healthy and strong in 2013. Heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, and all degenerative diseases just hate it when a body is exercising. They panic and want to vacate. Let’s all resolve to make their day as miserable as possible. Every rep, every lap, and every minute in a gym will be one nail in their coffins.

Make this year your Lucky Year, 2013 or no!

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