Pregnant Athlete Journal, Week 10: Happy Baby Heartbeat

My eyes are watering and I can’t stop blowing my nose. It’s so attractive. But I can’t take cold medicine. My doctor says I have a “happy baby,” though, and I’m giving up Kegels to focus on squats.

I’m so glad I worked out hard last night. After reading the Stop Doing Kegels article on Breaking Muscle a couple weeks ago, I’ve really taken that to heart and started doing way more squats in the hopes of making my labor a little easier.

For the last few days I’ve felt really tired and wasn’t sure I’d have the energy to workout alongside my class. I’m getting in a nap here and there, but the energy is definitely lacking. I don’t know if I got a cold or if allergies are acting up but I can’t really take anything for these watery eyes and I’m blowing my nose constantly. It’s so attractive. I never knew how much a baby could take the fun out of OTC drugs before. My appreciation for NyQuil just skyrocketed. I looked up a list of what meds I could take and apparently Tylenol and Benadryl are okay but I’m supposed to “check with my doctor” before taking anything, especially in the first trimester.

It’s amazing how fast a baby can grow, really. My first ultrasound (above) was from 6 1/2 weeks and my second (below) from just 9 1/2 weeks. Look at that thing! I got to hear the heartbeat for the first time and my doctor said I had a “happy baby,” which is exactly what I wanted to hear. I think her opinion stems from the heart beating fast and strong as opposed to my baby’s emotional state, but still I take it as good news.

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We went ahead and decided to do the chorionic villus sampling (CVS) testing so first we have a genetic counseling appointment set up next week and then the actual procedure the week after. My doctor recommended another specialist at Cedars-Sinai who has personally performed over 27,000 CVS procedures. We’ve got our appointments all set up with him so I’m feeling a little more confident about this outcome. Even though their website said to plan on bed rest for a week, the nurse on the phone just told me that I only need to stay on my back for 3–5 days. That’s a little better, at least. Hopefully, all goes well and we get back good results and I don’t have any complications because of the procedure.

Would it be okay if I asked you to think good thoughts for us?

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