Product Review: Coco Cafe – Coconut Water Cafe Latte

What happens when you combine nourishing coconut water with energizing espresso? It’s called Coco Cafe and it’s a brand new kind of drink.

When I first encountered Coco Cafe Latte, I was told by a friend, “Don’t drink it or you’ll become instantly addicted. It’s that good.” Everyone I knew was raving about it. I thought, “It can’t be THAT amazing.” So I tried it. And guess what? It’s amazing.

What is a Coco Cafe Latte?

  • Coconut Water
  • Espresso
  • 2% Milk

Coco Cafe founders Brian and Elan, residents of Santa Monica, California, came up with the concept for their company upon observing their own and others behavior – the dual need for hydration and caffeination. Noting the ever growing popularity of coconut water and the unending human need for coffee, Brian and Elan decided to combine the two. And so, Coco Café was born, with the company slogan, “Hydrate Caffeinate Naturally.”

The latte is Brian and Elan’s first creation. It is made from all natural ingredients, pure coconut water, and free trade coffee. Their idea was to create a healthy beverage alternative to both nourish the body and sharpen the mind. The result is a drink that is truly enjoyable to consume for both coffee lovers and non-coffee drinkers alike.

Since the company is relatively new, distribution has been focused in the Southern California region. But with the addition of Whole Foods as a distributor the availability of Coco Cafe has increased. It is now available in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. In the upcoming months it will also be launching in Oregon.

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On top of providing a great product, Coco Cafe is also a company with a conscience. A portion of their company profits is dedicated to improving the nutrition of underprivileged children.

I highly recommend getting yourself to Whole Foods or another distributor to buy some Coco Cafe to try for yourself. I have yet to see someone try it who wasn’t raving about it moments later.

Coco Cafe is available at various distributors for about $3.00 or in 12-packs for $27.50 at