Product Review: Defense Soap Shower Gel – The Combat Athlete’s Soap

If you participate in any type of contact sport like wrestling or martial arts, you may become more susceptible to skin conditions.

Our significant others are not the only ones who appreciate our efforts to get in shape. If you participate in any type of contact sport like wrestling or martial arts, you may become more susceptible to skin conditions like ringworm, folliculitis, impetigo, or even staph. The organisms that cause these very contagious conditions love warm, moist places, and sweaty bodies fill the bill. So, unlike our significant others, we don’t want these guys to linger for too long.

Defense soap is designed for the athlete who participates in these close contact sports, to help prevent these skin conditions. The Defense website claims that “Defense Soap and the Defense line of products are made from only the purest natural pharmaceutical grade essential botanicals. These oils have been clinically proven to have natural anti-fungal, antibacterial and anti-viral properties, when put into our soaps it creates a health care system designed specifically for direct contact and combat athletes, or anyone interested in 100% safe, 100% natural hygiene products.” The shower gel contains no petrochemical compounds, Triclosan, or Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Recently, they developed a shower gel to complement the bar soaps they already sell. It has a slippery, creamy texture, probably due to the various other oils (coconut and olive) that are main ingredients. It lathers up nicely and rinses well, with no film afterward. There is no real tingling sensation like some eucalyptus-based products provide, but it is refreshing, with a pungent but not overpowering aroma.

The website suggests using the gel within 4 hours of exposure for best results. I used it after a Brazilian jiu jitsu training session and, per the instructions on the bottle, I left it on my skin for a little while before rinsing. There’s no suggestion about how long to wait, so I just clocked a couple minutes.

Overall, the shower gel is a good addition to the Defense line of products. The gel form is produced with the same care and ingredients as the bar soaps, and it is more convenient to pack in a gym bag. For people who spend lots of time in close training quarters with other people, the Defense shower gel is a great option for keeping them active and skin condition-free!

Defense Shower Gel is available for $8.95 and up at