Product Review: GoStak from BlenderBottle

We athletes need to get our food and supplements in as soon as possible after exercise. GoStak stackable containers make it easy and convenient to get in the nutrition you need, when you need it.

BlenderBottle is a company dedicated to addressing your athletic container needs. As all athletes have come to know, you need to time your nutrition the right way, and to satisfy that need, convenience is essential. In other words, we often need to get our food and supplements in as soon as possible after exercise. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done.

Recently I got to try the GoStak, one of BlenderBottle’s portable nutrition solutions. The GoStak is a series of various sized containers. The containers each have lids that can lock into the bottom of another container, forming a stack. The Starter 4-pack that I used had four such containers and a removable/movable handle that can be attached to the top of any of the containers. Once you’ve got the stack put together, a quick twist at the top and bottom tightens the whole stack and all the lids at once.

The containers in my particular packs were each a different size. The two larger ones were 150cc and 100cc, which was good for protein, creatine, greens, and other powders or larger snacks like apple slices. The two smaller ones are 60cc and 40cc, which was ideal for vitamins, medicines, and smaller snacks like nuts or peanut butter for your apple slices. GoStak’s differently-sized containers make it easy to preplan your workout nutrition ahead of time and maximize your results, while also keeping everything in one place.

The GoStak is ready to use in a lot of other ways, too. It’s freezer- and dishwasher-safe. It’s also BPA free, which I like, and it fits right inside the BlenderBottle if you have one of those as well. Finally, while the containers are dishwasher safe, they can be easily be cleaned by hand as well, which is not always the case with the containers I use.

For regular use, the GoStak met my needs, but as a reviewer, regular use simply doesn’t cut it. With many containers that I’ve used over the years, durability, leakiness, and odor have by far been my biggest issues, followed closely by ease of cleaning. So I decided to put my GoStak through the ringer, testing each of these at once.

To that end, I filled up each container with water, tightened them up, brought them to an empty gym, and abused the hell out of them. With the whole stack put together I banged it up against the machines, threw and dropped it, and pretty much everything that might happen to them at the gym. I then left them full for a few days out in the very hot and humid weather we’ve been having.

At the end of my little test, there was not a scratch, mark, or crack to be seen. The containers looked brand new. Not a drop of water leaked from the containers either. The outside stayed bone dry. Finally after a few days, I opened them up and took a smell and the water still smelled fresh. Try that with a Nalgene and get back to me. Granted, this was before putting a lot of other types of perishable materials in there, but I was impressed nevertheless.

GoStak is a solid product that didn’t just meet my needs, which a lot of containers can do just fine, but also solved all the problems I face pretty much every day. The containers are durable, leak-free, odor-free, easy to clean, and very convenient. The GoStack is definitely a product I can get behind.

GoStak is available for $12.99 at

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