How Do You Take Your Vitamins?

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NutraGlow is a supplemental company that consists of two products: Super B and Super Lean. Super B is designed to promote overall balance in the body while boosting energy. Super Lean is designed to assist in healthy weight loss.


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What’s In It?

Super B’s main ingredient is B12. Most individuals are B12 deficient, this can cause low energy and focus. Maintaining optimal levels of B12 boosts energy and increases focus.



Super Lean has a few main ingredients:

  • L-Theanine - This is a natural de-stressor and can help relax the body. It can also improve alertness and focus.
  • Green Tea Extract - This is a great source of antioxidants and provides a thermogenic effect which can help burn body fat.
  • Lemon Oil - This also has a relaxation effect but can also help speed up the body’s metabolism.


NutraGlow's Effectiveness

NutraGlow claims that it is more effective than ordinary supplements because of the process in which it is taken. You take a few drops under the tongue which is absorbed by the mucous membrane of your mouth, allowing the supplement to absorb faster, as opposed to taking the supplement orally which can filter and flush out much of the supplement through the digestion process.


From my experience, I like using the absorption approach. It’s not rough or heavy on the stomach, making it easy for me to take at any time of day. It does seem to hit my system quicker than drinking or mixing my supplements other ways. I really liked this trial of NutraGlow products and would recommend them.


Nutraglow Vitamin Supplements
Quality Good quality ingredients with scientific backing
Consumer Friendly Easy to use under-tongue drops in small containers for travel
Effectiveness Possible higher absorption process than oral supplements
Physical Effectiveness Energy boost and body fat control
Pricing (1 ounce vials) Super B - $24.99, Super Lean - $29.99, Bundle - $49.98
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