Staying in Shape With an Elbow Injury (Athlete Journal 61)

My elbow injury is taking longer than I thought to heal, so I’m supplementing with weight lifting and yoga.

I’m still not able to roll at 100% because of my elbow injury, but I’ve been supplementing my training with weight lifting and yoga to stay in shape.

A Stubborn Injury

My elbow injury stuck around for a lot longer than I had thought it would. I planned on being out of commission for a week, but it’s been about three weeks now since I injured it. I’m sure if I had stopped training completely it would have healed faster, but everyone who trains jiu jitsu knows how hard it is to stay away from the mats. I think I tried getting back into the swing of things too soon, which most likely extended my recovery time. It’s getting better every day, but I’m still not back at 100%. I guess I’ll just have to wait until January to compete in another tournament.

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Since I’m not able to roll or drill certain moves, I’ve added more lifting and yoga into my weekly regimen. I’ve been doing all lower body lifts such as squats and deadlifts. It stinks doing the same lifts over and over, but any upper body lifts put too much pressure on my elbow. Some of the yoga poses I do add pressure as well, so I had to modify my positioning a little bit. I know deadlifts and yoga could still irritate my elbow joint just as much as rolling, but with this stuff I have more control. I’m not able to control what my partner does while rolling, so I would rather not risk it.

The Timing Is Right

Not being able to train stinks, but I guess right now would be the best time to be injured (not like any time is a good time to be injured). It’s that time of year when I start to get busy with school and holiday things. Finals start next week, and I’ve been up to my ears in papers, assignments, and studying. I can’t even begin to think about all the Christmas shopping I have yet to do. I would have hopped on all the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but I just didn’t have the time.

With everything that’s been going on I probably wouldn’t have been able to train that much anyway. Having a boo-boo elbow guarantees me I won’t stay on the mats too long and neglect all the school work I have to do. Like I said, being injured is never fun, but if I had to pick a time, it would be now.

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I just have to think of this off time as a little vacation from all the hard training I’ve been doing. I know when I finally get back at it I’ll feel a million bucks. I’ve been chomping at the bit to roll hard and get all sweaty and gross. I feel bad for the first person I roll with once I’m healed 100%. I have a lot of energy that needs to be unleashed!

I hope you all enjoyed this week’s journal entry. Go get on the mats and triangle someone for me. See you next week!

Jess Papi is a blue belt at Scranton MMA and also pursuing her degree in exercise science. Read her entries every week for insights on competing, training, and juggling BJJ and life.

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