Strengthen Your Strict Press

Different positioning for your strict press may allow for better translation into other overhead lifts.

Today we will be covering the strict press. In Chinese weightlifting, strict presses are completed a bit differently. As demonstrated above, the standard strict press starts from the clean position and leaves the hand slightly hyperextended. This may work for increasing pressing power in the short-term, however in the long run hyperextension does not bode well for the shoulder nor wrist.

Instead, by slightly internally rotating your shoulder and finishing with full extension, you can transfer your strict press form to overhead lifts such as the push press or power jerk more efficiently and effectively.

Overhead press position with internal shoulder rotation.

Why Perform the Military Press?

The military press is an overhead press and is inherently derived from being able to press from an “at attention” position. The strict press is a strict overhead press, meaning no utilizing of leg drive. Military presses are often done seated as opposed to strict presses and in essence serve the purpose of isolating the deltoid, trapezius, and core musculature. If your end goal is to be a weightlifter or CrossFitter I would opt for the strict press—it has far better carryover in that regard. If your end goal is bodybuilding, isolation is the better alternative. If your end goal is overall strength, program both into your regimen and you will stand a cut above the rest.

As always, lift with love my friends.