Subversive Fitness: Day 125 of 360

We haven’t seen a bench press in a while, but it’s here and a chance to work with a partner, too.

Day 125 of 360

Bench press:

5 x 5 @ 75-80% of 2RM
1 x 15 @ 60%

If sets require interruption, make as minor an adjustment as needed and complete the next uninterrupted. When scheme is listed as “5 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”. Reminder: Position and range of motion always govern weight.

Today: Perform 5 chin-up (scaled to ability) and 10 mace 360 (max 10kg.) or kettlebell halo (max 1/4 BW) immediately following each set of bench press, and rest as needed after the three movements are complete.

Then, with a partner, 2 aggressive rounds of:

Partner drag:

2 trips “Leader” @ 20 yd. each
2 trips “Follower” @ 20 yd. each
40 Abmat sit-up @ 10lb. W, 15lb. M (Use bumper plate)
1 minute rest

4 total trips + 40 sit-up each = 1 round. Today, to keep pace high, alternate work/ rest in sit-up rounds.

Follower: Drape a rope/ belt/ band around your partner’s hips and make them tow you. Put the brakes on by pulling your shoulders back and pushing your hips forward, keeping your guts tight, and leaving your weight on your heels. Arms are straight. Keep your legs wide so you don’t have to scurry around theirs.

Leader: Get low, stay on the balls of your feet, stay postured up, and drive forward with intent.

Abmat sit-up: Today, weight is locked out in front throughout each rep- hands at chest level, arms straight. Concept: As you sit up, pull your shoulders down. Goal is rock-solid upper body position, forcing the guts to do all the work.

And then, “Time under tension”:

Weighted hollow hold @ 15lb. W, 25lb. M + 30 calories Airdyne @ cool down pace

Today, dumbbell or kettlebell is held directly over chest. Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance). If time reaches two minutes, you may stop if desired. If time is under two minutes, do it again, and accumulate at least two total minutes.

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