Subversive Fitness: Day 135 of 360

Breathe, focus, and drive. This is a sprint, not a jog – no pacing.

Day 135 of 360

Turkish Get-up:

Climb to a new 1RM using warm-up sets of no more than 2 reps (each side) before adjusting weight. Rest as needed, and keep total number of lifts under 12 (Ex. 2L + 2R x 2, 1L + 1R as needed).

Note: Achieving a 1RM is not done at all cost of mechanics, form, range of motion, or composure. Unless there’s money on the line, position and execution always govern weight.

Then, 10 rounds of:

20 yd. Farmer carry @ minimum 3/4 BW
:20 sec. rest

Weight/ implement may vary by round as needed/ desire. Don’t under-lift- breaking once is preferable to breezing through.

And then, 1 Tabata interval (:20 sec. work/ :10 sec. rest x 8) of:

Battle rope
(Alternating with)
1-arm plank hold (Organized top of push-up)

Keep pace and position strong, and match effort throughout. Today, efficient transitions between movements will make or break the drill.

Plank: Brace and/ or balance as needed with non-working arm, and switch arms as needed.

Immediately upon completion, and for max calories:

One minute Airdyne sprint

Breathe, focus, and drive. This is a sprint, not a jog – no pacing. Goal is matching output from previous outing; Matching effort should go without saying.

And finally, “Time under tension”:

30 calories Airdyne (alternating 5c arms + legs/ 5c arms-only) @ cool-down pace