The Public Assistance Project: Rejecting the Notion of Have-Nots

In Rochester, New York, Wolf Brigade Gym is implementing a program to make sure that everyone has access to good training wherever they are, whenever, and with any means.

Aimee Jacot of Feral Strength and Conditioning in Humboldt, California

Aimee Jacot of Feral Strength and Conditioning in Humboldt, California

We have a facility in Rochester, New York, backed by a method/process I am very proud of, and that has given us the opportunity to travel and share with a much broader audience. While it’s a necessity to have paying clients locally, our goal has always been to provide best-in-the world details and strategy for those that truly need, and justly want, on a global scale. We want any and all that are willing to learn and work to both feel and play a part in what we are building with Wolf Brigade.

Even when we have next-to-nothing, we must never be or do nothing; So, as a continuation of our process of excuse-extermination, we created the Wolf Brigade ‘Public Assistance project’. Any remaining cop-out window has been closed; Anyone with a desire to participate in good training can be a part of this anywhere, anytime, and with nothing more than a gallon jug with a strong handle, filled with whatever you choose.

Jen Smith of Humboldt, California, preparing gallon jugs of sand for her first workout

As it was when the world was real, and in the parts of it that still are, physical strength and durability are a grave necessity. We reject the notion of have-nots in such a crucial realm, and do all we can to ensure access to sound process for all that we can; This project is an extension of that inclination. We would rather have and not need, than need and not have- Sometimes creating what we need, requires adapting to what we have.??

Training With No Excuses

Here’s the first training day. If any of the movements, positions, or language is unfamiliar to you, please follow the links in my bio to my website and YouTube channel and if you can’t answer your own question feel free to get in touch. The details make the difference, especially with an unconventional and possibly lighter implement in-hand.


10 Anchored squat/ hinge transition? + 10 Halo + extension?+ 10 Squat (with implement) + 50 Jumping jacks (touch hips/ legs at bottom, touch hands over head at top)? + 5 Push-up + ?5 Straight jump? + :30 sec. unweighted hinge hold

Warm-up should leave us warm, not tired; Scale accordingly, especially if just beginning training or adjusting to this style training for the first time. Range of motion, details of each movement, and proper bracing are all to be practiced and applied in warm-up just as they are in the training day; Attention in one leads directly to improvement in the other.

Then, 7 attentive, aggressive rounds of:

3 Press?
7 Squat ?(Left)?
3 Press?
7 Squat? (Right)?
:30 sec. rest/ positional assessment/ improvement

Each press features a controlled, hard, 2/1000 overhead, and each squat features an equally aggressive 2/1000 at the top; Attentive is progressive, and soft is sketchy- at any weight. Attentive, aggressive holds build strength, reinforce position, and demand accountability and “check-in” during training; Don’t skip them, don’t cut them short.

Do not short-change range of motion, ever, and remember that speed is never a substitute for form.

And then:

30 Push-up?
10 Halo + extension (2/1000 @ top of each)?
20 Push-up?
10 Halo + extension (2/1000 @ top of each)?
10 Push-up?
10 Halo + extension (2/1000 @ top of each)?
100 Jumping jacks (touch hips at the bottom, touch hands overhead)

Range of motion governs variation: Scale push-up to full ability (up, or down). Elbows point towards your feet, full-body moves at once and touches either the ground or the scaled surface; No guessing, no “bro” push-ups.

And finally:

5 x :20 sec. full-effort hollow hold

Building a bulletproof “power source” will improve all elements of your physicality- and simple, hard, non-gimmick sit-ups and holds are a sure-fire way to do so. Do not make this easy- make it the opposite; It’s the insulation for your hardest efforts.

Each day will end with varied durations of hollow hold, and the cool-down is a minimum of 25 cat/ cow stretch and 100 yd. brisk walk/ exercise bike ride/ etc.

Public Assistance Should be on Every Gym’s Radar

This endeavor is completely voluntary and large-scale dissemination will rely on contributions. You can donate here through PayPal. We will post training each week on our website’s blog, and video updates- featuring both local and worldwide participants- on social media, as well as continued YouTube videos to both answer questions and deepen the curriculum.

Demonstrated below are a handful of movements from our primary curriculum, performed with a simple gallon-jug of water. Strength and fitness shouldn’t be a have-or-have-not choice; If you are willing to do the work, no one should be restricted by access to sound training programs, coaching, and facilities. I created the Public Assistance project to help build and connect a worldwide community that may not be able to make it to one of our facilities, or possibly even any decent gym.

We never take for granted how lucky we are to have access to great training, progressive partners, and quality facilities; Even when that is not the case, we intend to make sure the same quality of detail and sound strategy is available to all that are watching, and are willing to work.

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