Mature Athlete: Cycle 7, Week 11, Day 2

Tom Kelso


St. Louis, Illinois, United States

Strength and Conditioning

Cycle seven of the Mature Athlete Training Program offers the total package. A strength circuit, interval conditioning, an endurance circuit, and continuous conditioning are alternated over three training days each week over the 12-week period.


The three training days per week should ideally be non-consecutive, such as Monday-Wednesday- Friday or Wednesday-Thursday-Sunday.  For the strength and endurance circuits, use the attached workout recording form. 



Here's a calendar of the last seven weeks:


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To get the most out of your workouts follow these tips.


  1. Always warm up prior to each workout and cool down/stretch upon completion.
  2. Record the date, exercises chosen, resistances used, and repetitions achieved for the strength and endurance circuits.
  3. Always use proper lifting technique and use a spotter/training partner for both safety and productivity.
  4. You choose the venue or device to use for interval and continuous workouts.
  5. For interval workouts, the work time should be demanding and the rest time either complete rest (for running-type training) or an easy pace (for cardio machine training).
  6. For continuous workouts, a steady pace should be maintained based on the recommended training time.
  7. Rest on non-training days. Working hard on the training days is required, however to adapt to those workouts your body needs down time. Not allowing for proper recovery can lead to overuse injuries. Be a warrior, but be smart.


Week 11, Day 2: Continuous Workout #8


Perform 40 minutes of work on a track, treadmill, elliptical, or other cardio device.



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