athlete journals

The heavy snow has made it harder to maintain my momentum during the current phase, but I finished out the final two weeks in spite of all the snow shoveling.
In a few months I will be testing for the StrongFirst Level 2 Kettlebell certification. Here's how I've been programming my training for the big day.
School is back in session starting this week, and it's going to be a challenge trying to balance classes, training, and coaching. I'm trying to stay positive while I figure out how to manage it all!
This week I entered a high-volume phase in hopes I can maintain or increase maximal strength and also improve body composition.
It’s easy to get weighed down in the trap of defining our successes by comparison to others. But what's even more important are the small, everyday self-victories.
My first competition of 2014 didn't go as well as I had hoped, but I gave it my best. I also got a sponsorship this week, which was great news!
After the last couple weeks of heavy volume it was time to cycle it down a little. The timing worked well as I had to take a day off from training anyway.
Between two rest days this week and a rough snatch workout, I wasn't at 100 percent. Fortunately a good front squat session on Sunday saved my training week.
This week was a testing week and also turned out to be a recovery week. Check out the videos I've included this week to see some of the results!
Despite my injured knee, I slowly eased back into training this week, and am looking forward to competing in a tournament on February 8th.
For the first time in a few weeks, I had a solid training week with no injuries, illness, or schedule conflicts. I increased the intensity this week to prepare for my upcoming BJJ meet.
I've been coming off a cold this last week, but nevertheless I hit some epic lifts on my squat and deadlift, as well as some awesome volume on benching.
I woke up on Thursday morning with a swollen knee, so I was cautious with my workouts for the second part of the week to avoid aggravating the problem.
This week was short due to professional obligations, but I included some video of the kettlebell snatch work I did. Next week is test time for powerlifts!
This week wasn't my best. I injured my knee on Friday so I didn't get to train, and my diet hasn't been as clean as I'd like. However, it did give me time to work on some other BJJ-related projects.
Does your training bring you joy? I’ve tossed this question back and forth a lot in my own mind lately, ever since my dad asked me this several months back. And now I think I know the answer.
My training schedule in 2014 continues to challenge and frustrate me. This was a good week for my weightlifting but not so much for BJJ.