This week I had a few reminders that I need to make sure my basic techniques and self-defense are on point, including the seminar with Royce Gracie at our school.
Stop whatever you are doing, and spend a few minutes watching this no-holds-barred highlight reel of female BJJ submissions.
In my mind, the only person who can answer the question, “Do I belong in BJJ?” is the person asking it. It all boils down to the answers to three questions you need to ask yourself.
To prove my theory that BJJ is great for small fighters and women, I’ve done a statistical analysis of all fights since the inception of the all-women's MMA promotion Invicta FC.
I have two lessons for you this week that are helping me get better at jiu jitsu and life in general. One of them involves Dunkin' Donuts.
Posture is key to maintaining your base, yet few BJJ athletes take time to work on their posture. Hours are spent learning techniques and sparring. Hardly anyone is working on proper spine mechanics.
With school and transitions at my academy, I'm in a bit of a training slump. I'm still teaching at my academy but I'm looking forward to a normalized training schedule and some hard training sessions.
If I saw William Wayland walking towards me in BJJ class and we were the only two people left not rolling, I would most likely fake an injury or pretend to be sleeping.
The goal for this article is to provide you with some tips on safe weight cutting - not just for the full-time competitor but for the competitor who has to deal with work, family, or school.
When Ricardo's son Renzo was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, the family switched to eating gluten and casein free - but they all still train jiu jitsu.
Today I share my experience at the No Gi Pan Ams, which happened three weeks ago. It was probably the most important competition I’ve done so far.
In my first journal entry, I'm going to discuss a recent experience I had doing my favorite thing about BJJ - competing. It wasn't a typical competition, though.
BJJ is more than just a sport or martial art. It’s a way to change your life. It's benefits go beyond anything you can see - and it's these hidden benefits that can actually have the biggest impact.
Without proper mobility, performing some of the fundamental Brazilian jiu jitsu techniques and warm up movements will be very difficult. The focus of this article is on the hips.
People who train combat sports are split as to how they view cauliflower ear. Some see it as a badge of honor while others see it as a guarantee of unemployment or lonely nights.
Challenge your perceptions of beauty and grace though this passion-filled film of female fighters.
Consistent with all of the 93 Brand gear, the Gentle Chief is flawlessly constructed. 93 Brand also now offer an XS sizing option, so small people like me no longer have to go without.