You can gain huge performance benefits by using mental distractions to change your perception of effort.
Forget about weighing yourself down with "what if" and "I can't" - just make a plan and take action toward what you want.
Lee's philosophies can teach us how to be better students both in and out of the weight room.
At any age, proper perspective and solid planning are the keys to achieving your athletic goals.
Three things to keep and three to leave behind as we move on to a new year.
Steve McKinney shares the training benefits of using safe lifts and intensity to build size and strength.
Step back and evaluate whether or not you have a healthy relationship with exercise.
Take some time to step back and evaluate the "whys" of your own routine.
Words are the fuel behind the the endless reps, miles, and sweat. The right word has the power to transform.
Welcome to the Rocky Balboa School of Motivation! Here are powerful lessons drawn from the life of Rocky, the ultimate underdog.
Don’t hide on the phone, Facebook, or the computer. Examine your emotions and when you shut them down.
Your black belt does not turn you into a Zen-spouting superhero, but the process is transformative and rewarding.
Oh the heartache when a single-rep makes the difference in winning and losing. In truth, the story is much larger.
You may get inspired by some of the contestants. But know they are doing metabolic damage to their bodies.
When you experience negative moments in your chosen competition or adventure, I recommend you take these two actions.
Even runners who listened to slow music experienced faster times and easier recovery after a 5K trial.
Research indicates having too much choice has negative consequences that may interfere with your training.