Rather than cutting down a weight class, Chris has decided to head the other direction - now it is time for heavier weights and more food!
The heavy training is beginning to catch up with me. Missed my weights on squat day and decided to back it down on Saturday for deadlifts as well.
Well, it started out a deload week...and then turned into a week of incredible PRs. You just never know. Check out the week in training, plus video of the PRs - including a 750# raw squat!
This week marks new beginnings for Chris - changes in his training program as well as his career. While it might not have been an optimum week, Chris still put in a literal ton of work.
I’ve been in the midst of a career transition and some investments. Both have been requiring a bit of my time and are also increasing my stress levels. Training still continues, however.
Our new feature on Breaking Muscle - 12 Reps. Read how our coaches and writers answer the same 12 questions - find out what inspires THEM. First up - powerlifter Chris Duffin.
The Stallion is movement we created at my gym. I've always been a fan of kneeling squats, but not how they make my knees feel. Now we can get the benefits, without the drawbacks.
This week Chris blew a blood vessel in his face, pushed a tooth out of his mouth, and squatted and deadlifted literal tons of weights. In other words, a pretty normal week.
Are you training without purpose and without focus? For those lacking in motivation or addicted to training, competition can offer a necessary structure to achieving peak results.
How does a world-class powerlifter work out amongst things like career changes, life choices, kids, and a wife with a stomach bug? Chris tells all in his newest journal entry.
You're an athlete looking to increase your power, but first you've got to get your body tough and strong. It's pretty simple and in this article there are three plans outlined to help get you strong.
Find out how Chris did at the Masters Multiply Nationals this past weekend - he talks about qualifying for the Worlds and how his shirt exploded in his last bench attempt!
Chris is making final preparations leading into his powerlifting meet. Getting gear ready, picking his target numbers, and most importantly fasting so that he makes his weight class.
Champion powerlifter and coach Chris Duffin goes over a unique assistance exercise - the band resisted bench press. This movement is great at building the static strength needed in your upper back.
Chris digs out his old school powerlifting gear this week to prepare for the multiply nationals - his goal is to qualify for Worlds and also compete next year at the Arnold Sports Festival.
The first journal entry from our newest athlete - Chris Duffin, champion powerlifter. Find out how one of the strongest men out there trains to get even stronger.
Who in the world can deadlift 440lbs for 37 reps? Chris Duffin, that's who. Check out this crazy video of one STRONG man.