I have a felt a bit of guilt that what I want most is balance and happiness for my family. I am not the by-any-means-necessary athlete. But I am myself and I never have to compromise my character.
People say weight lifting doesn't help you get better at sport, or that it will make you muscle-bound, or any number of things. Why do people resist the practice of weight training so much?
In thinking on the grapplers who allegedly raped a female teammate, I'm trying to understand how people can do this - how we justify our behaviors, big or small, and what questions to ask ourselves.
When it comes to training, your mind can either support your success or hinder your development. Read on to learn how to develop some real mental toughness.
Dear Willow - Do you have any ideas how to change a pattern in my life? I really want to do something different but just can’t seem to. HELP!
People always ask Ashley, "What IS yoga psychology?" For her it's an obvious answer: yoga IS psychology. Read about this priestess/yogi/psychotherapist and her journey from aerobics to enlightenment.