Many of my clients have asked me how to shape their goals for next year. My answer annoys them as it’s quite simple.
The key to perpetual muscular adaptation and growth is the introduction of unfamiliar stimuli.
A novice might expect to see blinding speed and perfect technique at Worlds. That's not always the case.
By avoiding our fears, we only make them stronger. Now is the time to change that.
So you want to compete in strongman, but now what? Take these steps to build confidence for competition day.
I wonder why so little attention is paid to rowing as a skill, compared to Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics.
In this video, I’ll show you three simple self-assessment techniques as your first steps to lasting pain relief.
If you want to write a novel, you better be sure you know letters, words, and sentences. Movement is no different.
Throwing up occasionally is okay. Celebrating it is not.
A strong mind can be the difference between failure and success.
What if you could get all the strength, speed, and power work you need with one single set of one exercise, one day a week?
You won’t answer your fitness problems with a convenient list. You need a change in your intention.
Lifting, carrying, and maneuvering odd objects is a great opportunity for practical movement training.
Your training strategy the week before competition day is critical for hitting your biggest lifts on the platform.
Three objects. Six weeks. Put in the work, push a little, and it’s pretty easy to get stronger.
Fitness goals change as you age. Address your deficiencies and diversify your fitness programme for life-long health.
A faster and more biomechanically efficient pull awaits.