Ditch the self-limiting thoughts that have been holding you back and flip your thinking to a growth mindset.
One day, you may get to a point when you’re on the roller for 10 minutes at the start of every session and you ask yourself, "Why am I not training yet?"
Your genetics were done and dusted well before you were old enough to read this. So why worry about them? Focus on what you can do.
The blooming flowers mean the end of trainer time, right? Not so fast.
Find the right balance of variables to make this winter's training your most productive yet.
It’s inconclusive how much of a role the growth of muscle plays in the growth of strength.
Don't believe the naysayers who will tell you everything is beyond your control.
Whether a movement can be called functional depends on the needs of the individual.
The off-season is the perfect time to address the weaknesses and imbalances brought from a year on the bike.
Ignoring dysfunction in your hips will allow all of your lifts to spiral out of control.
There is a massive gap between knowing what is healthy for us, and behaving accordingly.
At some point, we all must reflect and make the choice to age gracefully, not foolishly.
Footwear that focuses on style and marketing isn't helping your foot function as designed.
Establishing a solid workout regime does not need to be tricky, just as healthy eating habits do not need to be complicated.
Play and laughter has been shown to have numerous benefits for training.
Believing you can improve is one thing but doing something about it is a different beast.
When returning to fitness after pregnancy, the key is to be kind and patient with yourself.