What Is “Energy” – How You See & How You Keep Bad Energy Away

“Energy” is something different to all of us, depending on our way of sensing the world and our belief system. But we all know good energy is good and bad energy is something we don’t want around.

Energy can be described as different aspects to experiencing life. It can be described through physics, quantum mechanics, astronomy, new wave culture, Chinese medicine, alternative healing and yoga. With all these options around to define it, what is it exactly?

How do you know energy exists and how do you sense it? Are you naturally a visual, auditory, or kinesthetic sensor? When you sense something someone is speaking about, do you get a picture, hear words, or feel something? Of the three the one that happens first is called your lead representational system, or, the lead sensation with which you internally represent external information. This is why we have different ways of defining, describing, and sensing what energy is. It can be experienced in different ways.

Energy is within and around us everywhere and our body is a complex system of moving energy. We transform external sources of energy (sunlight, water, food) into fuel for mitochondria in each of our cells to use for our own physiological needs. We receive energy from external sources, and conduct, emit, store and transform energy. We are an energy receiver, conductor, producer and transformer. We sense when things are about to go wrong, we sense a person’s bad mood, we manifest what we want with a single thought, and we communicate our internal feelings or thoughts without eye contact, producing sounds or feeling the touch of someone or something.

With so much energy out there, it could be useful for you to protect yourself from other’s energies or know how to cleanse yourself of negative energies. These can both be done through different methodologies based on different belief systems and practices.

How to shield from receiving people’s energy:

  • Wearing ceremonial attire
  • Adorning with symbolic pieces of jewelry or accoutrements
  • Setting an intent or saying a prayer prior to encountering a situation
  • Thinking and focusing on what outcome you want to have happen as a result of the upcoming situation
  • Smudging yourself or the room with incense, sage, sweet grass, aromatherapies, or water

How to let go of energy that has contaminated our own field:

  • Take a shower and visualize the contamination going down the drain
  • Focus on each exhale, blowing or releasing the energy out of the body
  • Singing, humming or Bhramari Pranayama
  • Washing hands
  • Digging in the dirt

These are all ideas created from many people and ultimately there are only right answers. Know your lead representational system to know how you sense energy and train yourself to skillfully discern energy coming in and energy you are emitting. In this way, it becomes easier to shield and release energy that is not serving you.

Next week will talk about how to use energy and apply it in different ways to assist our personal growth and empathy for other people.

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