Cold As Ice: 12 Weeks to Brute Strength In Ice Hockey

Conor Doherty


Dryden, Canada

Hockey, Soccer

This 12-week cycle of workouts was designed by hockey specialist Conor DohertyThe intention of this program is to increase maximum strength for hockey players. Two of the most crucial aspects of fitness are strength and speed. Hockey players need strength to create powerful skating strides, win battles in the corners, hold off defensemen while driving to the net, and increase shot power. When you increase max strength you raise your ceiling in every other aspect of your game.


If two players were exactly the same and had the same max strength, they would have the same ceiling for potential in their speed, quickness, agility, and endurance. If one of those players increases his strength, he raises his ceiling of how quick, agile, powerful, and fast he can become. Working on max strength is important for hockey players because of all the carryovers and benefits in regards to sport-specific skills and the actual game of hockey.


As you follow this program, keep in mind that the weights for each exercise should be challenging. If you finish a set and know deep down you could have pumped out at least 5 more reps, then the weight is too light. The last 2 reps should be really hard.


Week 11: Day 1

A. Front Squat 9 singles >90%


B. Speed Deadlift 8x1 @70% 1RM


C. Barbell Reverse Lunge with Front Grip 4x8


D. Pallof Press 3x8 per side


Week 11: Day 2

A. Two Board Press 9 singles >90% 1RM



B1. Decline Close-Grip Bench Press 4x8

B2. Prone Grip Row 4x8



C1. DB Hammer Curl 3x12

C2. Mountain Climbers 3x12


Week 11: Day 3

A. Box Squat 12x2 @60% 1RM



B. Glute-Ham Raise 4x5


C. DB Forward Lunge 4x5


D1. Single Leg Squat to Box 3x10

D2. Bar Rollout (knees on 4inch box) 3x12


Week 11: Day 4

A. Speed Bench Press 10x3 @60% 1RM


B1. Close-Grip Barbell Floor Press 4x5, 2x7

B2. Neutral Grip Pullup 4x5


C1. One-Arm DB Row 3x10

C2. Close Grip Pushup 3x10


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