Day 18/360: Wolf Brigade Subversive Fitness

Greg Walsh


Rochester, New York, United States

Strength and Conditioning


If you have tried these workouts before skip this part and go straight to next section with today's training program. if it's your first time seeing this then, here's the stuff you should check out:?


18 Turkish Get-up @ 50-60% of 1RM (3L, 3R x 3)


Rest as needed between arms, and add a 2/1000 pause to any transition point that you are struggling with. If reps become singles or position breaks, adjust weight immediately.



Then, as quickly as possible, 3 rounds of:


3 Sled drag (20 yd. each @ BW)
9 Goblet squat @ 55lb. W, 70lb. M
12 Straight jump


There is no designated rest- if needed, keep it short and specific (3-5 breaths). Position and range of motion govern weight in squat- if designated weight breaks either, adjust one interval down and continue safely.


Day 18/360: Wolf Brigade Subversive Fitness - Workouts, strength and conditioning, burpees, kettlebells, mace, physical, Wolf Brigade, Subversive Fitness, airdyne


1 minute rest. And then, for max calories:


One minute Airdyne sprint


Breathe, focus, and drive. This is a sprint, not a jog- no pacing. Goal is matching output from last week; Matching effort should go without saying.


And finally:


3 minutes Airdyne (Arms only)
18 3/1000 Bodyweight row


3/1000 row: In this variation, we hold for a full 3/1000 count in the top position- whether it be chest-to-bar, chest-through-rings/ rope, our goal is keeping the chest even with the hands for the full count on all reps. Note: Always err on the side of counting a long 4/1000, and not a short 2/1000.

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