Day 52/360: Wolf Brigade Subversive Fitness

Greg Walsh


Rochester, New York, United States

Strength and Conditioning


If you have tried these workouts before skip this part and go straight to next section with today's training program. if it's your first time seeing this then, here's the stuff you should check out:‚Äč



Positional and mechanical improvement:


Rotational/ lateral movement drills, lifts, and swings


Beginner/ Intermediate: Medicine ball throw, mace front pendulum and back pendulum, mace shovel, kettlebell Figure-8


Advanced: Mace 360, 10-2, varial, piroutette swing


At skill work weights and with the guidance of a qualified trainer, practice several movements listed above and make improvement in the details of each. Start with the basic variations of each and add weight/ difficulty as appropriate. Note: Never make the mental mistake of thinking you’re too advanced for skill work in any realm.


Then, as quickly as possible:


100 Mace front pendulum @ 10kg. W, 12kg. M


Minimal rest, strong focus on position and power. As always, utilize “relative tension” when moving the mace- establish and stabilize positioning, and then let momentum do its work.



And then, 4 rounds of:



20 Kettlebell Figure-8 @ 1/4 BW
20 Medicine ball throw (Wall- 12lb. W, 16lb. M)
:20 sec. rest


Powerful, organized movement, aggressive pace, and no extra rest; Simple should not equal casual.


And finally, “Time under tension”:


Unweighted hinge


Performed passively, this is not an effective piece- lock into a hinge position with tension and focus as if it were weighted, and do some work. Work to “True” failure (loss of physical positioning) not “Relative” failure (loss of mental endurance). If time reaches two minutes, you may stop if desired. If time is under two minutes, do it again, and accumulate at least two total minutes.

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