Sport Specific: Soccer - Week 10, Day 2

Conor Doherty


Dryden, Canada

Hockey, Soccer


This program is intended for soccer players looking to improve their overall strength, muscular endurance, and explosive power. The program is broken down into three four-week periods. Every fourth week, the overall volume of the workout will be taken down to allow the athlete to deload and recover in order to prepare for the next four-week cycle.

The program is broken down into a four day per week cycle as well. Each week there will be two upper body workouts and two lower body workouts. Again, the aim of this program is to gain overall strength, muscular endurance, and power, so having an upper/lower body split will help to accomplish this goal.



Week 10, Day 2


1. Deadlift- 5 x 3?

2. Pull Through- 3 x 8?

3. Glute Ham Raise- 3 x 10

?4. Cross Body Mountain Climbers- 3 x 15 each leg



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