Subversive Fitness: Day 354 Of 360

Greg Walsh


Rochester, New York, United States

Strength and Conditioning


Day 354 Of 360

Hang power clean:
5 x 5 @ (up to) 75% of power clean 2RM


Rest as needed between sets. Today focuses on position, execution, fluidity; Pace and weight are to follow, not lead. Take time, make positional adjustments as needed, and adjust weight accordingly. When scheme is listed as “5 x 5″, it always refers to “Sets” x “Reps”.






“Raining Blood” (Slayer – “Reign in Blood”)


5 Burpee box jump @ 20″ W, 24″ M
7 Kettlebell swing (35lb. W, 55lb. M)



4:17– count and note rounds and completed half-rounds.


If rest is needed, keep it short and specific (3 breaths or less). If designated height/ weight creates compromised positions, make an immediate adjustment.

Push hard for at least 1/2 round improvement from last time.


And then:


50 “Prison” Abmat sit-up
50 Abmat sit-up @ 1/4 BW (weight as desired)
50 Abmat sit-up (standard, unweighted)


Rest briefly as needed to retain/ regain mechanics and range of motion. Sit-ups are a vehicle to a destination, not the destination itself- treat them accordingly.


“Prison” sit-up: Interlock fingers and keep both hands behind the head. Reps count when shoulders and elbows touch the ground simultaneously.


All variations: Shoulders touch at the bottom of each rep, butt stays on the ground, posture is upright at the top. Pace is not a substitute for position, even in simple movements.

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