Subversive Fitness: Day 94 of 360

Greg Walsh


Rochester, New York, United States

Strength and Conditioning


Day 94 of 360

Skill work/ proficiency test/ 10RM measurement:


Mace 360


Address the set-up and mechanics, practice short sets at skill work weights, and increase as position and execution improve. Once both are as good as they can be for today, measure a 10-rep weight (5L, 5R).


Today: “Holster” the mace at the end of each rep- inside of biceps and elbows attached to body. This both standardizes a start- and- end point to the movement, and helps ensure that over-straightening of the arm does not lead to wasted or misdirected reps.






“Waking the Dead” 6:55 (Suicidal Tendencies– “Controlled by Hatred/Feel Like Shit… Deja Vu”)


20 Tire smash (10L, 10R- Any variation) @ 6lb. W, 10lb. M
10 Tire/ Box jump (With hammer)


Count and note rounds and partials completed in 6:55 (Ex. 8 rounds + tire smash= 8.1). Demand at least a partial round improvement over last time.


Tire smash: In order for hitting a tire with a hammer to be more than novelty, it needs to be performed with power and fluidity. Focus on mechanics, execution, and timing, and hit the tire like you mean it.

Jump: Be sure to practice jumping with an implement prior to beginning the drill. Ordinarily, we re-set a jump by swinging our arms- not being able to do so (due to holding a hammer) can require some adjustment.


And then, for max calories:



One minute Airdyne sprint


Breathe, focus, and drive. This is a sprint, not a jog- no pacing. Goal is matching output from previous outing; Matching effort should go without saying.

Benchmark- Suicidal Tendencies




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