Your Body, Soul, and Chakras Hold Your Best Decisions

I’ve been trapped by indecision for six months. Recently I decided to listen to my body, to counsel my chakras. In a moment I realized my body and heart knew the right path for me to follow.

There has been a lingering thought in the back of my mind over the past six months. In my journey out of personal hell, indecision has been my worst decision. During this time I’ve been counseled into waiting and told that I should make a different choice. This time has allowed for many lessons to be learned along the way of making this epic decision, but ultimately it is the same decision I keep coming to.

Last night I got clear. I am not waiting any longer. I am not someone who sits back and waits for things to unfold. I am a creator, a doer, a thinker, and a maker. I make things happen. I never was a good employee, awaiting the next direction or plan of action from a manager. I shape my own destiny and take action on my own plans.

My swift and clear decision making ability was clear to me in the past, but for the last decade was muddled by a relationship that needed much compromise from my heart. I shelved an ability to make my own steadfast and confidence-based decisions with such a firm stance in the world. It was what was needed in the past, but I have outgrown that now. Time to reaffirm my position in the world.

Over the past few months I felt my health deteriorating. My throat began to swell and I could not catch up on rest. This decision in the back of my mind continued to plague my thoughts, distract my entire sense of being, soul, and heart. And when the heart is not happy, not much else matters.

Make your heart happy. Since I made my decision and declared it to the affecting parties, my strength was immediately restored and subtle dis-eased physiological shifts in my body relaxed. Layers of strain dissipated and I had the deepest sleep in months.

Make your decision. If not today, soon. If you have been hemming and hawing, waiting for things to happen, and you are the type that takes action, how much better will you feel once you make the decision?

How I got clear on making my decision: My chakras told me what to do.

My gut pulled me deep inside a chamber of congruence. I was driving home from my shift as a park ranger when I heard a message inside my soul, bringing up again the issue I have been waiting to have closure on. I followed suit in typical Forrest Yoga fashion by running the thoughts through each chakra.

anahata, chakras, forrest yoga, yoga, willow ryan, listening to chakrasThis process, you can do for yourself, too, when facing any challenge or decision. I began with the seventh chakra and simply checked in. I already knew what my head has been saying. Next was the sixth chakra, the brow. Not much to go on from here. Now to the fifth chakra, or area around my throat and neck, it pulsed with aortic life. I felt a stream of confidence flow from my heart to my mind that the choice I chose would be the correct one. The fourth chakra, Anahata, or my Heart Triad, was in committee chambers and told me to go. To act now. It shoved me directly into my third chakra, the solar plexus, the place for taking action and catharsis. That was it! I knew my decision was made and now was the time to act. The second and first chakras only affirmed and encouraged my time frame. I was fully aligned in mind, soul, heart, and body. Like an arrow aiming into the bull’s-eye, I acted with percussive speed.

I made four phone calls. Each person I dialed answered and gave me the response I was seeking to make the final phone call that would make all the difference in my heart and soul. No deliberation was needed here. It was the natural course of action. The result of making this decision, taking immediate action, lined up with serendipitous responses from each chakra and person affected. How do I know if this is the right decision? Because my body told me.

Are you facing a decision? Run the question through your body. Your internal wisdom will connect you with truth and your mind will help you strategize how to make the truth unfold.

Do it. Be it. Now.

Photos courtesy of Shutterstock.