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Samuel Spiegelman

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning

Marty Gallagher

Powerlifting, Strength & Conditioning

Mike Dewar

Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting

Brooke Nepo

Olympic Weightlifting, Track and Field

Graeme Turner

Triathlon, Endurance Sports

Dozie Onunkwo

Nutrition, Bodybuilding

Josh Graham

Nutrition, Wellness

Linsay Way

Chiropractic, Mobility & Recovery

Marc Halpern

Nutrition, Strength Training

Bob Takano

Olympic Weightlifting

Tim Harrison

Food, Kettlebells

Erik Uuksulainen

Chiropractic, Nutrition

Reggie Johal

Strength and Conditioning

Jarell Lindsey

Martial Arts, Strongman, Physical Culture

Josh Bunch


Dini Leopoldo


Alain Gonzalez


Jesse Fernandez

Strength Training

Richard Airey

Running, Endurance Sports, CrossFit, Strength and Conditioning

Andre Miller

Bodyweight Exercise

Shawn Gerber

Endurance Sports, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning

Erica Saint Clair

CrossFit, Sport Psychology

Flavia Del Monte

Nutrition, Women's Fitness, Bodybuilding

Ursula Garza Papandrea

Olympic Weightlifting

Bret Hamilton

Kettlebells, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement Screen

Jane Holgate

CrossFit, Mature Athletes

Colm O'Reilly

CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting

Jeanne Goodes

Family and Kids, Baseball, Strength and Conditioning

Darryl Edwards

Paleo, Outdoor Fitness