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Kyle Hunt

Strength and Conditioning

Mike Tromello

CrossFit, Children's Fitness, Olympic Weightlifting

Kia Khadem


Wayne Fisher

Military Fitness

Mike Catris

Supplements, Nutrition, CrossFit

Michelle Baumann

Natural Movement, CrossFit

James Buchanan

CrossFit, Surfing

Bill DeSimone

Strength and Conditioning, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Dave Whitley

Strongman, Kettlebells, Strength Training

Kevin Kearns

Martial Arts, Strength and Conditioning, Functional Movement Screen, MMA

Jon Goodman

Business, Strength and Conditioning

Keith Norris

Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning

Mike Warren Brown

Strength and Conditioning

Allan Dowell

Endurance Sports, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon

Ramy Saleh

CrossFit, Sport Psychology

Wes Kennedy

Military Fitness, CrossFit

Mike Marcinek

Strength and Conditioning

Walter J. Dorey

Outdoor Fitness, Strength and Conditioning

Terrance Gant

CrossFit, Football, Basketball

Lucy Smith

Running, Swimming, Cycling, Endurance Sports, Triathlon

Steve Gangemi

Chiropractic, Natural Movement, MovNat

Doug Hershberger

Strength and Conditioning, Law Enforcement and Firefighters

Shawn Gerber

Endurance Sports, Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning

James Garland

Strength and Conditioning, MMA

Tom Gannon

Business, Coaching

Charles Staley

Mature Athletes, Strength and Conditioning

James Lee

Olympic Weightlifting, CrossFit, Self Defense