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Dr. Marc Bubbs

Nutrition, Strength and Conditioning

Mickey Brueckner

Baseball, Strength and Conditioning

Chris Doenlen


Ben Greenfield

Strength and Conditioning

Brian McFadden

Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition

Danial Safvat


Steve Gangemi

Chiropractic, Natural Movement, MovNat

Summer Innanen

Sport Psychology, Nutrition, Women's Fitness

Jeanne Goodes

Family and Kids, Baseball, Strength and Conditioning

Doug Fioranelli

Strength and Conditioning, Kettlebells

Sarah Bolandi

Running, Nutrition, Health

Chad Vaughn

Olympic Weightlifting

Eugene Bean

Strength Training

Dan Vinson

CrossFit, Outdoor Fitness

Chris Slone

Powerlifting, Strongman, Strength and Conditioning, Strength Training, Mobility & Recovery

Mims Boyce

Physical Therapy, Functional Movement Screen

Charles Staley

Mature Athletes, Strength and Conditioning

Paul Coker


James Cerbie

Strength and Conditioning, CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting, Nutrition

Nick Horton

Olympic Weightlifting, Sport Psychology

Samuel Spiegelman

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Strength and Conditioning

CJ Gotcher

Strength and Conditioning

Carl Putman

Strength and Conditioning, Tennis, Strength Training, Speed Training

Katie Chasey

Strength and Conditioning

Allan Dowell

Endurance Sports, Running, Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon

Ben Mattingly


Nick Tumminello

Strength and Conditioning

Mischele Stevens

Triathlon, Endurance Sports

Neil Bednar

Bodyweight Exercise, Mature Athletes