injury prevention

Unlike most overuse injuries, IT band syndrome can sideline even the most experienced runners.
Your legs were meant to do more than programmed movement patterns.
Not everybody should have a heavy barbell on their backs.
There are no inherently dangerous exercises, just instances when demand exceeds current capacity.
Whether a movement can be called functional depends on the needs of the individual.
Getting injured at some point is unavoidable, but there are strategies that will improve your odds of staying healthier, longer.
I call out all the fitness specialists who would have you believe they can prevent sport and training-related injury.
When you run slow, you run sloppy.
Listen closely when you experience pain. Your body is trying to tell you something.
These movements won't get you more Instagram followers, but they will keep you fit until the final whistle of the season.
A body built for high performance starts with the core.
Force your system to adapt to challenging stimuli for optimal function and performance.
The most important job of a strength coach is to help reduce injury both on and off the field.
Movement stimulus with core training ensures that your midsection fires under load.
These four exercises are like insurance policies for your back. Invest now for lasting protection.
If your back has gone from bulletproof to troublesome, it's time to start looking after it.
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