muscle growth

It can be hard to accept, or incorporate, ideas from another area when your current group is grounded upon certain principles.
It’s that feeling of tenderness, and stiffness post-workout that some of us love, but for others it's the reason why we struggle to get out of bed the next morning.
We're making the distinction between muscle stamina, neurological control, and gaining muscle mass.
if you’re going to invest you time and money in a machine to build muscle, make it a cable.
Streamline your supplements and then pay more attention to smashing it in the gym and eating right.
Can some muscles tolerate more frequency than others?
The science is clear on the requirements for physical improvement, so why do so many people fail to do it?
You know you will feel better after doing it even if the motivation isn’t there.
Improving weaknesses in particular areas and gaining better neuromuscular balance and control should be the goal of training.
To maximize muscle gain, make sure you get the right amount and frequency of protein throughout the day.
Ask yourself, do you have a muscle building masterplan or are you just aimlessly meandering towards failure?
No matter the goal, strength training days should be strategically placed in your workout program.
There's a lot of science and theory about how train body parts for hypertrophy. The great variable, though, is always you. Your adaptations are totally unique and individual.
Expand your thinking and your practice outside of your typical gym routine by approaching all aspects of mobility.
Sometimes you need to get creative to figure out the best methods in order to build muscle with the equipment you do have.
You should aim to keep things as simple as possible to go from tall and scrawny to big and jacked.
Researchers looked at the impact of exercise and nutrition intervention on muscle mass and muscle function in subjects aged 60 years and older.