Breaking Muscle eBooks


Your heartburn, bloating, and indigestion may be from low, not high, stomach acid.
Why do we continue to overlook recovery and make a mess of the simplest of training principles?
These dessert and stir fry on a stick recipes are packed with fun and flavor.
The effectiveness of the ketogenic diet lies in how satiating fat is.
Homemade lemonade is a refreshing alternative to sugar-filled sports drinks.
Meal ideas to keep you fueled when hot weather makes eating feel like a chore.
You need to get more reps in, but not with a barbell.
Spend time outside with your friends, not in the kitchen.
This style of training worked well for a bikini competitor and a baby boomer. Go figure.
Why spend hours in the kitchen when you can be out enjoying summertime fun?
These simple principles may be all you ever need to improve your overall wellbeing.
Grocery services are convenient for our busy lives, but do the costs outweigh the benefits?
Make smart choices in a fiber-deprived world to improve your health and performance.
A look at how diets can be like unhealthy relationships, and when to say enough is enough.
Fat has been transformed from dietary villain to savior, but the truth is in the middle.
Conscious effort is needed to maintain healthy habits while on the road.
Take advantage of the bounty of delicious summertime produce.
People freak out about toxins and chemicals. What does the evidence say?