“The Paleo Kitchen" (Book Review)

This new book from Juli Bauer and George Bryant is full of delicious recipes, and a gorgeous photo accompanies every one.

How to Avoid the Void of Holiday Overeating

Some things to consider before going overboard this holiday season.

Lack of Food Might Make You Better at Making Decisions

You might want to hold off on eating dinner before your next big poker game.

Can Chocolate Help Fight Metabolic Syndrome?

Got a sweet tooth and don't know how to satisfy it? New research says chocolate is a good option.

7 Reasons You Aren’t Losing Weight (or Keeping It Off)

You're going to need to do more than count calories or exercise to stay lean. Here are some tips for success that you might not expect.

Carbohydrates Affect Cognition After a Workout

In situations where memory may be important to you after exercise, you might want to avoid high-carb drinks.

Breaking the Rules With Charles Staley, Ep 6 (Podcast)

What people should be doing in the gym, intensity versus consistency, and setting client expectations - Charles covers it all.

Study Gives Tips for Healthy Habit Formation in Kids (and Adults)

A recent study investigated how forming habits successfully is related to setting goals.

Why a Ketogenic Approach to Nutrition Is Ideal for Your Health

Your brain only requires a small amount of glucose. You can just as easily (and more effectively) work off of ketone bodies.

5 Simple Ways to Avoid GMO Foods

Just because you're buying your food at a farmer's market or health-food store, doesn't mean you're avoiding GMOs.

How to Feed a Big Family Without Breaking the Bank

Healthy eating does not have to mean expensive eating. Planning is all it takes to feed a large family nutritious food on a budget.

The U.S. Government Is Full of Bad Ideas About Food

If we changed dietary guidelines, educated the public, and lowered obesity numbers, many diseases of Western society would fall.

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