strength and conditioning

It's game day which means pushing yourself that much harder.
The medicine ball is the cure for what ails you.
We haven't seen a bench press in a while, but it's here and a chance to work with a partner, too.
Some heavy duty kettlebell work today will get you primed for the end of the week.
It's benchmark day and another milestone workout.
Nice to see the front squat taking precedence today.
Think of metabolic conditioning (metcon) training as teaching your body to burn fat on an hourly basis, and who doesn't want that?
Hump day comes with its own challenges, like this one.
Sometimes burpees just sneak up on you and when they do there's no escaping them.
Lead off with some heavy deadlifts and the rest will be just that tad more challenging.
The first day of the week for any challenge is always the hump you have to get over.
Resist allowing your injury to tell you that you are not as good/aware/strong/mobile/capable as you thought you were.
That trunk of yours is going to feel it today.
Benchmark day rolls around again, and it's a good thing you have the weekend to recover.
Focus on mechanics, execution, and timing, and smash things like you mean it.
Remember to address details, stay in-position, and earn your chosen weight today.
You can take a backpack and weigh it down and use it almost anywhere for these exercises.