strength and conditioning

Improving your positional and mechanical movements through a series of drills followed by some good old fashioned KB drills.
First day of the week and we can pound those legs.
A brutal Turkish get up session awaits you today before rest day.
Combining some weight and strong core work makes this a challenging day.
Today we have some nice holds, tension exercises, and mace skills.
A good mix of bodyweight and kettlebell movement should challenge you on position and range of motion.
This is a day for positional and mechanical improvements meaning we are going to do some serious barbell work.
Third week begins with some heavy back squats. Every day is one more step taken in acquiring a total transformation of your attitude towards your training for life.
Your at the end of the second week and it's one of the more challenging days so far.
Yes! Time to get the mace out and do some swinging.
A good day to mix some bodyweight work and kettlebells.
A full 30-minute mobility and active recovery routine that you can follow any day or as a supplement to your strength training.
It's a physical day with lots of cleans.
Two phases of workouts today. Focus on positional and mechanical improvement.
This streaming workout series from kettlebell expert Lauren Brooks is a highly recommended series for anyone who is interested in fun, challenging kettlebell training.
The game has gotten stronger and faster. Have you?