strength and conditioning

That trunk of yours is going to feel it today.
Benchmark day rolls around again, and it's a good thing you have the weekend to recover.
Focus on mechanics, execution, and timing, and smash things like you mean it.
Remember to address details, stay in-position, and earn your chosen weight today.
You can take a backpack and weigh it down and use it almost anywhere for these exercises.
Overemphasizing strength often leads us to miss the forest for the trees, limiting the real-world applicability of our training.
Today's advanced pull-up suggestions include: weighted, L-pull-up, chest-to-bar, negative. no kip, and no butterfly.
There is value to making yourself move in simple conditioning drills
On this Memorial Day, it seems poignant to be reminded that these challenges are part of a greater movement to raise awareness about the untimely death of brothers in arms.
Another benchmark day in our challenge is here.
This is it, the final day of this program. You have build a great a handstand practice if you made this far and should be proud of yourself.
As heavy as possible and aggressively. Directions of the day.
A lot of kettlebell movements today and skill building.
A lot of hard floor work today to see you through.
Take some time to step back and look at your life and your capability, and appreciate the beauty of how far you’ve come and the amazing things you can do.
Structuring a warm up is important for developing this purpose. We can divide that structure into five distinct stages.
As if TGUs weren't challenging enough, let's add another twist.