Announcing the winners of our October photo contest! Thank you to everyone who supported the contest by sharing the word and submitting your photos. We’ve chosen the winners and have details for next month’s contest as well.


First, here’s a recap of October’s contest details: readers submitted their original “Crazy Workout Face” photos on our Pinterest board. We chose three winners to receive the following prizes from Barleans:



  • 1st PLACE - Barlean’s Omega Swirl 16 ounce & Swirl Recipe Booklet (your choice of either Total Omega Orange Cream or the New Key Lime Fish Oil Swirl)
  • 2nd PLACE – Barlean’s Flax Oil 16 ounce & Flax Oil Recipe Booklet
  • 3rd PLACE – Barlean’s 45ct Olive Leaf Complex capsules & Booklet by Dr. Jonny Bowden


This month's winners were taken by Ryan Muller, Erin Morse, and Shannan Maynard:


1st PLACE: "Last Rep of Max Bodyweight Deadlift Competition," by Ryan Muller


2nd PLACE: "Max Lifting Day" by Erin Morse


3rd PLACE: "Mid 1000 meter row at NLI Warrior Soul II" by Shannan Maynard


With the holidays coming up, we thought a recipe contest was in order for the month of November. Submit your best holiday paleo recipes to be featured on the main page next month and win one of three prizes. They can be savory or sweet, as long as they follow the paleo diet guidelines. (If you're not familiar with the paleo diet, you can learn more here.)


Here's how to enter:


  1. Email your best paleo holiday recipes and photos to We will confirm that your recipes meet the guidelines and pin the accompanying photo on our Holiday Recipe Contest Pinterest Board. Follow the board to see all the other entries we receive.
  2. Check the Breaking Muscle main page on December 1st to find out if you’ve won. The top 3 winners will also receive the following prizes:


  • 1st place - Well Fed Paleo Cookbook by Melissa Joulwan (hard copy) and Weeknight Paleo Cookbook by Amber Beam (e-book))




Happy Cooking!

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