How to Become Ruthlessly Efficient in the Gym

Tom MacCormick

Strength and Conditioning, Personal Training, Sports Science



This is one of many interviews that you can binge-listen on the Six Pack of Knowledge podcast page. Our guest for this episode is Michael Goulden. Michael is a personal trainer and he founded his training facility, Integra way back in 1997.



Since then he has been integrating exercise mechanics with neuromuscular preparation to create a uniquely sustainable approach to health, fitness, and performance. On top of this, he has gone on to become one of the leading fitness educators in the UK.


In this episode, we take a deep dive into all things exercise mechanics. Within the conversation, we discuss the importance of exercise mechanics on training efficiency. We look at considerations for individualizing the process, especially active versus passive training modalities. This leads to matching exercises and programs to goals and providing a full contractile range challenge to muscles.



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