Start Your Athletic Journey With Our New Free Beginner Workouts!

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It's that time of year when the gym is full of determined New Year's Resolution clients who want to start in their fitness journey. If you or someone you know is one of those people, our new Beginner Workouts are a perfect way to establish a base of strength, conditioning, and flexibility from the comfort of your own home.


The Beginner Workouts are designed by lifelong athlete Jessica Hedrick. If you read Jessica's bio, you will see what makes her the perfect expert for these workouts. Her athletic background includes everything from bellydance, to martial arts, to equestrian riding. Jessica's passion and expertise for athletics in all forms shine through in these workouts, which provide a well-balanced approach to fitness.



The Beginner Workouts will help you get in touch with your inner athlete through the following components:



Basic bodyweight exercises and simple movements using kettlebells or dumbbells will help you build total-body strength and increase lean muscle mass.



Start Your Athletic Journey With Our New Free Beginner Workouts! - Fitness, strength and conditioning, workouts, beginners


Condition your body and improve aerobic fitness with walking, jogging, and kettlebell workouts.



No more struggling to touch your toes. Become more flexible and mobile with stretches and yoga poses.



What makes this program truly unique is its emphasis on finding your own athletic passion. Make fitness a lifestyle by exploring a spectrum of disciplines.


Journey into a renewed healthy lifestyle as you develop a new fitness routine, get back your body confidence, and have fun. You will need a kettlebell and/or dumbbell set, yoga mat, great music, and a smile to complete this program. The Beginner Workouts will be posted every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but feel free to customize the schedule to meet your individual needs. Enjoy your athletic journey!


Click Here to Start Our Free Beginner Workout Program

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