The 14 Minute Winter Workout You Can Do Anywhere

Justin Lind


Kettlebells, Gymnastics, CrossFit

Winter is here…and just because the weather outside is frightful you can still get a great workout indoors with minimal space and equipment. I’ve put together a short but effective, full-body workout that you can do in only a few minutes. This program requires no warm-up to begin. You simply need to set aside 14 minutes, press play, and follow along .


What You’ll Need

Weight - a kettlebell or dumbbell if you own one, or simply something with a bit of weight to use for a Turkish get-up (frying pan, full jug of water, heavy book, etc.)

Enough space to do a plank with a few feet to spare on either side



14 minutes. That's all it takes.



The Program


2-Minute Turkish Get-Up (1 min getting up, 1 min coming down)
Perform 1 rep per side with weight of choice



3-Minute Plank Complex
Begin in plank.
Rotate between each side plank and regular plank, shifting every 20 seconds.
Set of push up each time you pass through a plank.
Descending reps of push-ups with each set. Begin with 5 reps



Tabata: Bottom-to-Bottom Squats
8 rounds of:
20 seconds of squats
10 seconds of rest
Rest in bottom position, rather than standing


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