Virtuosity with Dusty Hyland: The Complete 9-Part Handstand Walking Series

Welcome to our Virtuosity video series, featuring gymnastics expert Coach Dusty Hyland. Virtuosity, in gymnastics, means going above and beyond - exceptional movement, performance, and position.


This set of nine videos starts with virtuosity in the basic handstand position and takes you all the way through to handstand walking up and down a set of stairs. Get upside down and get practising!



Handstand Walking, Vol 1: Position

Season 2 of Virtuosity is about handstands and handstand walking. By the end of this series, you'll be handstand walking up stairs! This week Dusty starts with basic handstand position.


Handstand Walking, Vol 2: Balance

Instruction for essential drills - gymnastic lunge, teeter-totter, and handstands against the wall facing either direction. All of these lead up to a perfect, free-standing handstand.


Handstand Walking, Vol 3: Shrug and Shift

This week the focus is two different drills that help you develop movement in your handstand, as you need to be able to move to do handstand walking.



Handstand Walking, Vol 4: Box Walk and Wall Shuffle

This week we start combining good movement into our handstand. Two drills will help you get closer to a handstand walk - the box walk and the wall shuffle.


Handstand Walking, Vol 5: Shoulder Taps

Shoulder taps are a great drill to help you toward an effective and efficient handstand walk. You can do them on a box or on the wall. We'll cover the progression in this video.


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Handstand Walking, Vol 6: Wall Pull

The "wall pull" drill will allow you to work on perfecting form in a free-standing handstand and begin to walk out across the floor, but still have the wall close by to start over if needed.


Handstand Walking, Vol 7: Partner Walk Drill

This week we focus on the partner walk drill so you can handstand further than ever before. We'll also introduce a small obstacle to start working on walking UP stairs.


Handstand Walking, Vol 8: Up & Down Mat Obstacles

We are getting closer and closer to a successful, free-standing handstand walk. This week we work on taking our handstand walk UP and DOWN, using step drills.


Handstand Walking, Vol 9: Handstand Walk Up Stairs

Today is the big day! We're going to put all the skills we've been practicing together, and then we're going to handstand walk UP and DOWN a set of stairs.

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