Laurie Nelson, 72, is a champion athlete and she going to be breaking records for a long, long time to come.
In this WOD, efficiency may be more important than strength.
More time in the saddle may not be the best way. Cyclists need to improve their athleticism..
CrossFit can be as dangerous, safe, fun, or healthy as you intend.
Fat is not the villain of the nutritional world anymore.
We now know that more infrequent feedings are completely appropriate for many people.
The introduction of a hybrid form of programming can elevate other areas of our physical abilities.
If your child is struggling at school, it's time to enroll them in a course of physical activity.
Chronological age is not the most important criterion by which to determine a senior's training program.
The reason you're not losing weight may not be your fault.
It is at this time of life that we really need to focus on maintaining both an intelligent exercise protocol and a healthy diet.
Out in the real world, there are no rules, whistles, or bells to save you.
When you're training for something as unpredictable as violence, martial arts isn't enough.
Deborah Robinson took up weightlifting at an age when most people are struggling with physical activity.
The pelvis is meant to do many things, but leaving you in constant agony isn't one of them.
Fatty and amino acids in phosphatidylserine can help slow down the degeneration of neural highways.
If we wish to create a thriving generation, we must stop focusing all our time and money on things that don't matter, and begin to address the skills that make people great.