Time for an attitude adjustment. Time to get out of the post-tournament-loss dark place and remember why I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...and myself.
As a coach I can say from observation of my students that ometimes the most dangerous thing out there is yourself. These three tips will help you navigate CrossFit successfully and safely.
Mobility, stability, and strength. Set your program accordingly. Get rid of the circus tricks and actually spend your training time working on the things that will help you succeed the fastest.
Engineers at Brigham Young University have devised a new artificial disc that mimics the movement of the human spine. For many athletes, this could be a career and life-quality preserving option.
Today Travis talks about "tuning in" to your coach or mentor. How this skill is useful for your success inside the gym...and outside the gym.
The Stallion is movement we created at my gym. I've always been a fan of kneeling squats, but not how they make my knees feel. Now we can get the benefits, without the drawbacks.
I hate when my kids get sick, and my hatred has fueled an endless quest for safe and effective ways to make them feel better. Here are several remedies that have worked for me.
Don't stop going to yoga just because you're injured. Use yoga to stay active, heal your injury, and explore your body and the yoga poses in whole new ways.
Tim Banfield started out as a rockclimber and CrossFitter; now he has become a professional photographer specializing in those subjects. Check out this gallery of his amazing pictures.
Athletes who get more sleep tend to have more successful professional careers. Two new studies look at pro football and baseball players, their longevity, and their injury rates.
This week Chris blew a blood vessel in his face, pushed a tooth out of his mouth, and squatted and deadlifted literal tons of weights. In other words, a pretty normal week.
When I walk up and see that whiteboard each day, I truly believe I’m training mentally for the tasks (patients) that walk into my office each day. CrossFit has made me a better doctor.
Part one of this article proved to be a bit controversial! In this second installment we break down why the snatch is challenging and why the overhead squat won't help you.
Little did I know the LA Kings and the Stanley Cup would be the elements that finally brought my Marine Corps grandfather and me together, and rekindled our relationship.
Exercise induced asthma is something many athlete deal with, but are certain sports more prone to inducing asthma? Could this knowledge be helpful for afflicted athletes?
Ingrid only worked out three times this past week. The horror! Everyone thought it was a good idea except for Ingrid, but she's coming around to this idea of rest and recovery.
You probably know someone or you yourself have dealt with hamstring problems related to running. Now researchers take a close up look at the relationship between sprinting and injury.