The secret to staying fit as a mother is not frequent gym trips. It’s not Bosu balls, treadmills, or any other piece of fitness equipment. The real secret is: Keep it simple.
How is it possible that grown-assed men who have been doing CrossFit for over three years are struggling to squat sets of five reps with a barbell loaded at only 155lbs?
Science says triathlons are tiring. Well, duh. But now they know WHY they are so tiring, specifically, and give us some ideas on how to strategize for better performance.
I’m not going to lie – I’ve crushed myself over the last two weeks. Getting a result from training is all about one thing – you have to hurt your body so that it repairs and returns stronger.
Qi is our vital life force in our bodies. Gong means cultivation. So, qi gong is the cultivation of our life force. Watch this video to learn a simple, centering exercise from qi gong.
Gameness. Pit bulls have it. Great athletes have it. Do you have it? What is it really, to be "game." Is it based in anger or in love? Let's look at boxing, dog fighting, and more to explore the idea.
There was one place that the old school calisthenics never died out; a place where the older systems were perfectly preserved, like an ancient insect trapped in amber - in prisons.
It's victory for the U.S. on the final day of the Olympics, with a final overall medal count of 104 and a gold medal count of 46! Today was a great day for men's and women's basketball and wrestling.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's popular articles feature Dan John, vegetarianism, swimming, and alcohol consumption!
Kulsoom Abdullah paved the way for Muslim women to wear traditional garb while competing in weightlifting. Now she talks about other aspects of religion and training, like fasting during Ramadan.
The U.S. takes an impressive lead in the medal count, with gold medals in the women's 4x100 relay, victory in men's basketball, and the first upset in women's volleyball.
This week a reader asks Willow how to write a personal mantra to help her stay focused and positive following a relationship breakup.
As a coach I've learned a lot about triggers - I use triggers to help good things happens in class, but I also know triggers can bring on negative emotions for clients, as well.
Americans with gold and silver in the decathlon, Jordan Burroughs wins gold in wrestling, and the U.S. women win the 4x100m relay to capture gold in the event for the first time since 1996.
Get inside Usain Bolt's head as he explains what he's thinking during a 100m sprint. It may only take 9 seconds, but an endless stream of thoughts is going through his head.
Feeling really strong on the barbell hip thrust this week, and also revisited overhead squats and power snatches. All is going well and I am nearing some old personal PRs from years ago.
Holley competed this past Sunday in London - she finished 10th, despite having torn ligaments in her wrist two days prior to leaving for London. Holley's now having a blast at the events!