Women's Beginner Kettlebell - Fundamental kettlebell techniques that will increase strength and build lean muscle.


As a competitive woman in a male-dominated sport, muay Thai fighter-coach Roxy knows women have different needs and possess different strength. Here she discusses muay Thai training for women.
Crow pose can be strangely and frustratingly challenging. This week in the Dear Willow column, Willow shares a video filled with tips on finding success in Crow pose.
Only a week until Ingrid competes at the CrossFit Games! Officially a member of the CrossFit Central team, Ingrid is practicing to take on anything - ropes, walls, barbells, kettlebells, you name it!
Hopefully you're all taking your fish oil by now. Just in case you're not, here are eight articles on what it is and why it's an essential daily supplement.
Monster Dumbbell - Powerful. Intense. Strength-Building Workouts.
The winners of our Strikeforce ticket giveaway have been selected! Look to see if you won tickets to the July 14 show in Portland, Oregon.
This week Holley talks about some weightlifting friends - in particular one amazing world champion who only weighs 105lbs. Weightlifting isn't only for big people and it doesn't make you manly!
This week martial art superstar Michael Jai White and MMA fighter Kimbo Slice talk about boxing technique and how to properly throw a punch.
This week Charles includes video of his training sessions - watch him lift 410lbs for 5 reps! If you consider yourself a "mature athlete," you've got to check out what Charles is up to each week.
How do you pick the martial art that's right for you? Guest writer Kendall Giles gives us an outline of what to consider and how to find the perfect art for you.
New research into tendon injuries paves the way for better prediction, diagnosis, and treatment of what is potentially a career ending injury for many athletes.
In this video we go over the basics of goal setting. Goal setting is a skill that is applicable not only to your athletic goals, but also all other areas of your life.
Personal trainer, professional muay Thai fighters, and business woman - Roxy Richardson has long, full days, but she found time to talk to us about the evolution of the sport.
Yoga is fantastic for building abdominal strength and control. In this video Willow teaches two movements that will build strength and energy in the abdomen.
Are you an MMA fan? Live in the Portland, Oregon area? Post a comment to enter to win tickets to see Strikeforce at the Rose Garden!
How much can you bench? Science says the more you can bench the better your bat speed in baseball. And if you're a serious baseball player, that's important. So get benching!
Sarah Robles takes the title of strongest woman at the 2012 American Record Makers Competition, with a 135 clean and jerk.
This week Travis worked on something he hasn't done since high school - SWIMMING. It's highly likely to appear at the CrossFit Games, so no matter how unpleasant, it must be done.