The best way to train for endurance with kettlebells looks as lot like the Westside Barbell protocol from Louie Simmons. Here the idea is explained and sample workouts outlined.
Michael discusses mastery of CrossFit in the context of the 10,000 hour theory. How do you get better at CrossFit? And how much time have YOU actually dedicated?
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week's hot topics - CrossFit coaching, weight loss pills, kettlebells, and more!
You get home from a competition and all your friends and teammates want to know, "How did you do?" How do you handle this question when you lost and don't want to talk about it?
Willow uses a fear of being new in yoga class as a stepping-stone for overcoming fear in our lives. Fear of being judged by others should never stop us from pursuing our goals and passions.
Wanna know how the pros train, eat, and compete? Look no further! Our Athlete Journals are written by real life athletes in CrossFit, endurance sports, martial arts, and weightlifting.
This week features rock climber Chris Sharma. His sport takes immense flexibility, balance, and core strength. Not to mention confidence. Enjoy the scenery and marvel at what Chris does.
In Holley's second journal entry she talks about the difference between training at home in Columbus and training with the other athletes at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado.
As a psychologist, a CrossFit affiliate owner, and mother, Allison Belger felt she had a unique perspective on the power of community. Writing a book about it was something she quite simply had to do.
If your favorite thing to do in your downtime is walk around in your home dressed like the Hamburglar and watch Yo Gabba Gabba, embrace that sh*t. I'm making the most of my training downtime.
It is a fact that heavy resistance training increases our susceptibility to getting hemorrhoids. But having them doesn't mean you have to stop training - learn how to alleviate and/or prevent them.
What kind of competitor are you? What motivates you? Is your current activity something you can sustain for life and does it support your life? Let's walk through our motivations and look for balance.
There is something indescribable about a photo that captures an emotional moment. Combine great photos with inspirational words and you have the motivational work of Aly Willier and RXSTAR.
This week Coach Tom helps us figure out how to program workouts for a sport-specific athlete trying to build power and endurance. In this case it's tennis, but it could work for any sport.
CrossFit Central has hired a new gun to be their team coach - an Outlaw in fact. Find out how Rudy Nielsen is going about creating a winning strategy for CrossFit Central and the CrossFit Games.
The double under is one of the more frustration inducing aspects of CrosssFit. This video will give you some of the best ways to approach and conquer this movement.
Highland Games champion Adriane Wilson has a lot of good advice to offer. Learn about Adriane's coaches during her athletic journey, and get her own advice on coaching and competing.