Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week - doctors who CrossFit, the RKC evolution, overhead squats, and more!
When does athletic activity cross the boundary from life enhancing to unhealthy preoccupation? What can we do about it?
Dear Willow - Do you have any ideas how to change a pattern in my life? I really want to do something different but just can’t seem to. HELP!
Have you ever tried to please two masters? What if those masters were Ironman and RKC training? Here's what I'm doing to try to blend the two.
In addition to our Featured Coach interviews, we've talked to amazing athletes from a variety of sports, from UFC fighters, to yoga instructors, to bodyguards and strongmen!
If you've never seen Ninja Warrior on G4tv, be warned - it's addictive! Amazing athletes from around the world compete against this formidable obstacle course.
This week Holley relays the results of last week's State Meet, reminisces about when she used to be able to eat pizza, and remains focused on her Olympic dream.
Turns out you can not only eat primal, you can MOVE primal, too. Why do we need it? Let's talk about human movement and then take a closer look at a program called Primal Move.
Common belief is that lifting heavy will trigger testosterone and growth hormone in the body, building more muscle. Now, science say it may just "bro knowledge" after all?
Time for an attitude adjustment. Time to get out of the post-tournament-loss dark place and remember why I love Brazilian Jiu Jitsu...and myself.
As a coach I can say from observation of my students that ometimes the most dangerous thing out there is yourself. These three tips will help you navigate CrossFit successfully and safely.
Mobility, stability, and strength. Set your program accordingly. Get rid of the circus tricks and actually spend your training time working on the things that will help you succeed the fastest.
Engineers at Brigham Young University have devised a new artificial disc that mimics the movement of the human spine. For many athletes, this could be a career and life-quality preserving option.
Today Travis talks about "tuning in" to your coach or mentor. How this skill is useful for your success inside the gym...and outside the gym.
The Stallion is movement we created at my gym. I've always been a fan of kneeling squats, but not how they make my knees feel. Now we can get the benefits, without the drawbacks.
I hate when my kids get sick, and my hatred has fueled an endless quest for safe and effective ways to make them feel better. Here are several remedies that have worked for me.
Don't stop going to yoga just because you're injured. Use yoga to stay active, heal your injury, and explore your body and the yoga poses in whole new ways.