For Zach Even-Esh, leader of the Underground Strength Nation, his personal journey to the underground has been a rollercoaster of emotion, injuries, and learning.
Every Sunday we post the "Sunday Seven" so you can quickly see the 7 most popular articles of the week. This week - RKC, CicLAvia, competing with friends, Gwen Sisto, and more!
How often do you just accept the status quo instead of pushing for something better? In jiu jitsu, as in life, sometimes we need to insist on our game.
Whatever your workout needs and desires - we've got your answers right here! Free workouts from the pros. Yoga, bodyweight workouts, CrossFit, martial arts, the list is endless!
Jashaun is in fifth grade. Jashaun is also basketball sensation, a dribbling genius, and is the fastest 11-year old on the planet when it comes to the 1-mile run.
The ankle, when injured, loses its sense of proprioception quickly. The recovery can be tricky. Taking a global approach to rehabilitation leads to getting back to activity sooner and stronger.
It is absolutely NOT true that yoga and running can't be done together. In fact they complement each other. Read for a list of 25 poses plus one video on stretches that are good for runners.
I know for a fact a lot of women out there - runners, kettlebell enthusiasts, CrossFitters, and others - are contemplating this surgery. So let's have a practical talk about things you need to know.
Being philosophical is tiring, especially on top of jet-lag. But I had a great experience in Abu Dhabi, which I'm going to use to make me a better grappler. Plus, I have a clean bill of health!
Despite what people think the RKC is not about kettlebells. Here are five lessons anyone in fitness should take from the philosophy behind the RKC.
How come only land-based athletes get to listen to music while they train? What about swimmers? New research shows the SwiMP3 will make you swim faster AND enjoy it more, too.
Our first "Dear Coach" column kicks off with a question many of us have - how do we fit in all the activities we want to do in our schedule? Is it possible? Is it healthy?
Another video from Travis - the theme is "Look Deeper and You'll Always Find Success!" Travis shares his story of how he learned a lesson from punching a cinder block wall.
I was skeptical of a raw pregnancy diet at first. Can a raw diet provide all the nutrients that mom and baby need? As a mom myself I was curious, so I did some studying.
Who doesn't love an freezing cold ice bath? While athletes may not love them, they DO love the benefits. Find out three ways cold therapy can improve your performance.
When most people work a heavy bag they hit it WAY too hard, resulting in injuries to the shoulders and body, rather than getting good practice.
I will think of every excuse in the book to avoid a workout. It’s a battle I believe we all face. Here’s a few tricks I pull on myself to try to avoid the lack of motivation pitfall.